Ten bands dedicated to Lindy Hop dancers

Reverent Juke

Are you ready to HuHuHaHa? Reverent Juke is one of the most acclaimed Belgian swing band. They are crazy, they are wild, they venerate Gene Krupa, Count Basie, Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman and their music is dedicated to Lindy Hop dancers: no wonder we love them.

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The Hop ’sh Bam Connection DELUXE

This tentet plays the real swing from the period between the twenties and fifties.

The biggest inspiration is the repertoire of the marvellous ballrooms of the thirties, as for example the savoy ballroom in New York.

Hop 'sh bam plays tunes on which lindy hop dancers could go crazy.

They play the beautiful standards of the swing era, and also some tunes of the exciting bigband period, or even some tunes of the new Orleans repertoire, more Charleston inspired. As the bandleader, Marie–Anne, is a swingdancer herself, she knows how to put an inspiring and diverse setlist together ! She adapts to what is happening on the dancefloor …

Let’s call it : an excellent band, full of energy, with a big focus on the pure art of swing music. Nice to listen, nice to dance, … move and groove !

Photo credit: studio-edelweiss.be

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Tiny Legs Tim

In ten years’ time, Tiny Legs Tim has evolved from a roving One Man Band to an established name. Thanks to his impeccable live reputation and his seven albums, he knows how to appeal an audience. He explores all the corners of music, from swing to grooving blues and breaks out the strict boundaries of the genre. For the BRUX, he has prepared a 7-piece band to make you swing, bounce, blues and dance till the early hours.

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Lester’s Blues

A swing jazz septet formed by saxophonist Tom Callens, Lester’s Blues pay hommage to and play the energetic effortless swinging style and music of 1930’s small groups of Count Basie, Lester Young and their peers.

The group started their existence in 2016. Having played at many jazz and lindy hop dance festivals since, Lester's Blues recorded their first album “Red Label: Hommage to Lester Young & the Basie-Ites” in March of 2018.

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Reverent Juke and The Great Juke Sessions

This project was born during the pandemic when streaming was the only way to interact with the audience. Juke Records organized online concerts each week and finished with an apotheose of 3 hours live concert with Guillaume Gillain and Timothé le Maire joining Reverent Juke for a few hard swinging’ tunes. At the BRUX, for the first time live at a Lindy Hop festival, this incredible line up of our Brussels’ stars will bring his extended repertoire of specially arranged mind blowing tunes to delight your feet and ears. Are you ready to be juked again?

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The Morning Call Jazz Band

The Morning call jazz band was born in Brussels in September 2017. They love to share their passion for swing inspired by composer and musicians such as Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington...

They now work hand in hand with swing dancers. They just toured for more than a month where they worked and arranged a new set where they all sing in Barber Shop Style (Mills Brothers). They are now fully charged with an explosive and sharp sens of rhythm and melodies. They’ll surely swing your sox off!

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Jake Walker

Jake Walker, the Ghent based collective, has his foundations in the Swing and Lindy Hop scene. With its musicians’ diverse musical personalities, they'll bring you a creative and dynamic swing music perfectly suited for dancers.

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The NATO Jazz orchestra

The NATO Jazz Orchestra is the SHAPE International Band’s large jazz ensemble. Consisting of trumpets, trombones, saxophones, rhythm section, and vocalists, they perform classic American big band jazz arrangements from Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington and Count Basie.

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The Uptown Swing Band

You know this band by their wonderful musicians! Livio Luzzi, Raphael Hallez, Romain Verwilghen, Daniel Duchateau and Julien Delbrouck will play for us the most refreshing and dancing swing tunes!

The BRUX Blues Cats

The BRUX Blues Cats is a pop-up band specially created for the BRUX by the most incredible bluesman Tim De Graeve (aka Tiny Legs Tim). He will gather around him some of the most brilliant blues musicians to make you dance until the end of the night!